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3D Modeling & Animation

From billboards to commercials to print ads and more, 3D modeling is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of graphics. Often if you see a crisp product photo or a unique visualization for a process, chances are it’s not photograph or a physical model, but a rendered scene to achieve the perfect look for demonstrating the product or building an ad. Many major industries have turned to 3D modeling an animation – from liquor ads and car commercials to architecture firms and major television networks. 3D modeling is used in surprisingly complex and effective ways, at all levels of creation including everything from concepting and visualizing to advertisement of a finished product.


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Graphic & Web Design

The re3d Studio offers world-class graphic design affordably to any level of client – rather you’re just getting a small business off the ground or your well-established business needs a fresh look, we can offer a solution to make your company stand out. Our designers have experience with Fortune 100 companies and understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a company identity. Finding a creative solution for your company and implementing it across all aspects of your business is where our studio thrives.



From creative renderings to functional prototypes, we’ve got you covered. Let our team of design engineers turn your vision into a reality. Our services include 3d printed components and assemblies, preliminary circuitry, and microcontroller level programming. These capabilities combined with a fast turnaround time allow us to perform iterative prototyping both virtually and physically to make sure you understand and control the development of your product.


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Is your product better, faster, or easier?  Why not show off what makes it special in a realistic animation?  Animations are great for advertising on the web, instructional videos, and trade shows.

Ask about how you can save time and money by using the CAD models you already have of your products.



Our designers will listen to your needs and create a website for your budget.  These days you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on website, but we understand that could break a small business.

We can make a great website for you using WordPress that will fit all of your needs and your budget.

If your needs are more specific we can create a fully custom coded site from the ground up that will blow your customers away.

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